featured surface / STONE (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)

featured surface / STONE (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)



ONE STONE WEST was founded by the love of creating aesthetically pleasing and individually unique backgrounds for those in the Creative Industry.  

The need for visually compelling surfaces and backdrops is what drives us to produce these beautiful styling tools. As artists with varying backgrounds in Photography, Styling and Creative Direction, we're always striving to create imagery that draws our viewer in and allows the various products styled on or against these surfaces to take center stage, while adding dimension to your photos.



Each piece is intentionally imperfect, rich in texture and visually compelling. 

featured surface / NEW ENGLAND   (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)

featured surface / NEW ENGLAND




Our surfaces and backdrops are meant to compliment your styling products or models, and add dimension to your photos. They are intentionally imperfect, and vary in tone and texture, which is the beauty of each piece. 

We know there are many choices out there for styling surfaces and backdrops, and we're so thankful to be among them.  We truly hope you enjoy your unique piece and create beautiful visual stories with them.