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VARIOUS PINKY NUDE TONES canvas created as a one-of-a-kind Artisan piece for use as a photography backdrop. 

*Canvases are darker in person and photograph lighter (especially if over exposed).

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  • Please allow 14-21 business days lead time for each surface to be created. This time does not reflect shipping and handling which may be an additional 4-5 days approximately. You will receive shipping confirmation to the email you provide at checkout.

  • One sided Canvas pieces. Can be easily rolled and carried to locations.

  • Smaller sizes are perfect for travel as well, and fit in most standard luggage. Extremely lightweight.

  • These are One-of-a-Kind Canvases and as such Textures & Tones will vary slightly with each surface, as each piece is unique and hand crafted, with its own character.

  • Due to the nature of canvas, there may be slight and natural lines and pills as each one is different. These imperfections are the nature of the fabric and each piece is different and unique.

  • They are lightweight and can be easily carried to various locations.

  • There are imperfections on these surfaces which are intentionally caused to create rich lines and textures.

  • Do not place items that can damage the canvas as we can't be held liable for damage that occurs once it's left our studio.

  • Since our surfaces are all hand crafted and are made-to-order, there are no returns once this product is purchased. Please read our Return & Exchanges policy carefully.

  • If you style with Food, please note this surface is NOT food safe. Items placed on this surface must be thrown away after use and should not be consumed for your own safety. The Canvases may also stain as a result if certain items are placed on them. Use at your own discretion and we are not liable for any damage once it's left our studio.

  • Different lighting will yield different results in tones once photographed.